The days are getting longer, flowers are peeking their little heads out of the ground, and birds are chirping – spring has finally sprung! After a long winter, you are probably just as excited as we are to take advantage of this weather and get active. Here are 5 ways that you can get healthy and stay active this Spring!

Take Care of Your Home

Spring is here, which means that it’s time for spring cleaning! Sorting through old clothes and clutter that you want to get rid of will get you moving. Carrying heavy boxes and furniture that needs to go is a workout in itself. Sprucing up the house by painting, cleaning out the gutters, or bringing out your summer lawn furniture will also get your blood pumping.

Also, planting beautiful flowers and healthy vegetables that you can eat will provide some exercise as well as a healthy diet. Gardening is a good way to enjoy spring.

Eat Lighter

There’s nothing like a hearty meal on a cold winter’s night – but those meals can get heavy! Take advantage of spring and summer vegetables and start eating lighter. Now is the time to add more fruits and vegetables to your diet! Whether you get fruits and vegetables from your own garden, a farmer’s market, or the grocery store, you can take advantage of great spring fruits and vegetables. A few such fruits and vegetables that are in season in spring are asparagus, avocados, apricots, and spinach. Be sure to check our blog next week for a great seasonal recipe!

Enjoy the Outdoors

Low impact activities like hiking, going for long walks, biking, or getting outside to take some photographs are great ways to enjoy the warm weather. You can even take advantage of the weather by getting together outdoors with friends. Instead of meeting a friend for a coffee date, go for a walk and chat.

Spend Time with the Family

Plan time with your family outdoors. Whether you have a picnic, go to the zoo, or spend the day in the park, spring is a great time to get outdoors with those you love.

Don’t Neglect Your Strength Training

There are many ways to stay active outdoors, but many of these activities are cardio based. While cardio is important, be sure to maintain your strength by getting in the gym. You can talk to one of our trainers about other fun and healthy activities, as well as healthy spring recipes to try!

These are just a few ways that you can take advantage of springtime. Share your favorite spring activity with us on Facebook or in our facility!

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