In last week’s article, I talked about how you can stay active and fit while you are on vacation. In this article, I want to expand on that idea a little more. Vacation provides many types of temptation when it comes to food and drink. Of course you have earned a break from your workout routine and your diet. But, you also don’t want to go overboard indulging yourself while you are on vacation. Here are a few tips that you can use on vacation to enjoy yourself while still making healthy dietary choices.

Try to Cook for Yourself

Eating out for every single meal can make it difficult to stick to your diet. You probably won’t be used to all of the added fat, sodium, and sugar that is found in restaurant food. If the place that you are staying has a kitchen or even a small fridge, consider making some food for yourself during your trip. Stocking the fridge with healthy snacks can cut back on unhealthy food that you might indulge in when you get hungry between meals. This will also give you the opportunity to take leftovers home when you do eat out. This way you are not eating one huge portion at a restaurant. You can also buy food to make sandwiches, salads, or other healthy, no-cook lunch options.

If you do have the opportunity to cook for yourself, try to cook at least one meal per day. A healthy breakfast or lunch that you make yourself could offset some of the less healthy choices that you make for one meal at a restaurant.

Indulge in One Meal per Day

It is ok to treat yourself while you are on vacation, but if you are trying to stick to your diet, don’t indulge for every meal of every day. Pick one meal per day that you splurge on and try to eat healthier options for the other meals. If you can’t cook for yourself and you are looking for healthy alternatives when eating out, check out this blog post.

Work Off the Extra Calories

You can offset the less healthy foods that you are eating by staying active while you are on vacation. Whether you spend half an hour at your hotel’s gym, go for a morning jog, or play with your kids, make sure that you are getting some exercise. You can feel less guilty about indulging in foods that you don’t normally eat if you also make an effort to exercise.

Don’t Waste Calories on Drinks

Soda, lemonade, and of course alcohol, are sources of empty calories and sugar. If you really want to indulge in some less than healthy foods, try to avoid sugary drinks. Sticking to water means that you can save room for a special dinner or a piece of dessert. And of course, staying hydrated while on vacation is key!

Be Strategic with Your Alcohol Consumption

Many people like to indulge in alcohol while they are on vacation. If you want to incorporate some alcohol into your meals, do so at particular times. Just as you want to avoid a very unhealthy meal for every meal, you should try to avoid drinking alcohol with multiple meals per day. You can also try to drink alcohol that is good for you. Try to avoid sugary island cocktails. A glass of wine or dark beer is a healthier option. Limiting yourself to a certain number of drinks per meal is also a good idea.

Don’t beat yourself up when you indulge in foods that you don’t normally eat while on vacation. But, if you are interested in staying on track with your diet, these tips can help.

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