As the end of September approaches, you might be looking forward to Autumn. Starbucks has begun advertising their pumpkin spice latte, one or two trees in your neighborhood are changing color, and the mornings and nights feel a little cooler. But, summer is not gone just yet! Make the most of the last few weeks of summer by doing some of these activities. Getting active in the final weeks of summer can keep you healthy as you head into the colder months.

Spend a Day at the Beach

Every summer, I want to spend time at the beach. But, the weeks get away from me, and I’m lucky to visit once or twice. If you haven’t gotten your beach fix yet this summer, plan a day at the beach. You can go swimming, play beach sports such as volleyball or frisbee, and take scenic walks with friends and family.

Go on a Picnic

Head to a local park and enjoy a healthy meal outdoors with loved ones. Packing healthy picnic foods can be an enjoyable way to spend time with friends and family while eating healthy. Consider using healthy summer fruits and vegetables in your picnic.

Go Hiking

While fall hiking trips are equally as beautiful, consider hiking with friends and family in the last few weeks of summer. The weather will likely be a little cooler, so you won’t get too hot while walking. And a summer sunset from the top of a mountain is a beautiful sight!

Work in Your Garden

If you have a garden, your busiest months are probably the summer months. Before it gets too cold, spend some time tending your garden. You can also plant vegetables for the fall months. Enjoying the nice weather before it is gone will make gardening an enjoyable experience.

Preserve Your Favorite Summer Foods

If you have your own garden or fresh produce, don’t let it go to waste! You can freeze or pickle these foods so that you can enjoy them for months to come.

Renew Your Gym Membership

Did your gym membership lax during the summer months? Did you find it difficult to get to the gym with your busy summer schedule? Not to worry! As it gets colder and your schedule slows down, it is the perfect time to get back in the gym. Contact us to set up a training session today!

Plan Your Fall Activities

Fall is another great season to stay active and enjoy the outdoors. Start thinking of fun fall activities that you can do with friends and families. For help coming up with ideas, visit the blog next week. We will post about fun and active fall excursions.

Fun Fall Activities

In my last article, I wrote about some fun end-of-summer activities that you can do to make the most of the warm weather. But, Autumn is fast approaching. If you are ready to embrace Fall, here are a few activities that you can enjoy. These activities will keep you active and healthy throughout the Fall season and help you embrace the beauty of New England during this season.

Go for a Hike

Autumn is my favorite season to go hiking. With the leaves changing colors and the cool but not yet cold temperatures, hikes in the Fall are breathtaking. You can bond with family and friends while exploring and staying active. Hiking is also a great opportunity to take beautiful pictures!

Take a Walk and Collect Leaves

The leaves are a beautiful color in the Fall. Especially if you have young children, it can be fun to collect and save these leaves. Going for a long walk and enjoying the leaves will also keep you and your family active.

Play Football

Football is a classic Fall sport. Get ready for NFL season and Thanksgiving by organizing a friendly game of football in your neighborhood.

Go Apple or Pumpkin Picking

Apple or pumpkin picking are great Fall options. They allow you to get outdoors and get some low impact exercise. There is also the added benefit of eating these healthy foods. You can incorporate apples in all kinds of healthy Autumn dishes. You can also cook pumpkin seeds for a healthy snack, or use pumpkin in Fall dishes.

Attend a Fall Festival

Fall festivals are fun for your whole family! You can go on a hayride, go through a corn maze, and enjoy Autumn treats. Walking around the festival all day will provide some low impact exercise to keep your family healthy.

Take a Biking Tour

Enjoy Fall foliage by bike on a bike tour!

Get in the Gym

As the weather gets colder, you might not spend as much time doing outdoor activities. This can make you less active in general. If this happens, you should consider starting to go to the gym more. This can keep you healthy throughout the cold months. Contact us today to visit our gym!

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