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We are dedicated to education.


At BDx we pride ourselves on helping the next generation coming into the fitness field.

Our goal is to raise the bar in the industry and to help students and potential trainers see what it takes to be a true professional. The goal of our program is broken down into three parts.
  • First, each intern will improve knowledge. Between our online education programs and our in-home educational staff meetings, each intern will have the opportunity to increase their knowledge.
  • Second, they also participate in their own experience!  They will be asked to exercise and to develop a strategy based on their own goals and needs.
  • Third, each intern will have the opportunity to participate with our staff while we conduct sessions and classes. This will give them hands on experience in tailoring what they have learned to a client’s needs.


Are you in a current educational program and looking for an internship where you will grow and learn every day?


In an industry full of over-promise and under-deliver, BDx aspires to raise the bar.

We are seeking like-minded exercise professionals, and we are currently accepting resumes and seeking qualified candidates for our staff of exercise specialists.

  • Professional Environment
  • Personal Development
  • Become a Specialist in Your Craft
  • Challenge Yourself
  • Meaningful Work
  • Strong Workplace Culture
  • On-Site Continuing Education and Training
  • Opportunities for Growth
  • PTO & 401K
  • Make a Difference in the Industry
  • Make a Difference in People’s Lives

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Chris GraneyDirector of Education
Chris conducts staff education in the BDx facility, and has studied and taught nationally in the areas of Biomechanics, Exercise Mechanics, and the Analysis of tools used to impose forces into the bodies of clients, athletes, and patients. As a Biomechanics Specialist, Chris works with the identification and treatment of muscular imbalances that contribute to compensation and repetitive stress injury.Chris is the Biomechanics Consultant to Professional Athletes including NFL, MLB, and MMA. Notable Clients include Odell Beckham Jr (NFL), Rashad Jennings (NFL) Russell Martin (MLB), Glover Teixeira (UFC), among others.

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