For many people, Memorial Day Weekend signifies the beginning of summer. It is a great time to get together with your family and friends and cherish the time that you have with them. If you are planning a barbecue for your friends and family over Memorial Day Weekend, this might be the first barbecue of the season. While you want to have a good time, you don’t want to sacrifice your health. Luckily, you don’t have to! Use these tips to keep your Memorial Day barbecue healthy while having fun.

Get Outdoors

One of the great things about a barbecue is that you can spend time with the people you love outside in the nice weather. Take advantage of this weather and stay active. If you are hosting the party at your house, provide some lawn games. Activities such as badminton, bocce, or kan jam will be fun and healthy. These aren’t just games for the kids either – encourage the adults at the party to partake in these games as well. You can get creative with the games that you provide. If you have a basketball hoop, challenge some friends or family members to a game of horse or a scrimmage. If you have a pool, encourage your guests to bring a bathing suit. You can even organize a relay race to keep everyone active and help them have fun. If you are having a barbecue at the beach or the park, you can take these games with you on the go!

Grill Healthy Foods

Most people think of hamburgers and hotdogs when they think of barbecues. While you can provide these foods, also consider healthier options. You can grill vegetable kabobs or healthy proteins such as chicken or fish. Veggie burgers are another good option.

Provide Healthy Side Dishes

Summer barbecues revolve around various types of salads. Try to provide some lighter salads with plenty of vegetables. Protein based salads, such as lentil salads or quinoa salads are good options if any of your guests are vegetarians or if you want some lighter options. Try to stay away from mayonnaise based salads or ones that use a lot of fatty dressing.

Make Sure that There are Some Healthy Dessert Options

Dessert can be a killer if you are watching your weight. Luckily, this is the perfect time of the year to show off some fruit based desserts. Grilling fruits or providing a fruit salad will give natural sweetness that people crave without a lot of the fat and calories in other types of desserts.

Stay Hydrated

Many parties have alcoholic drinks and sugary sodas as beverage options. While there is nothing wrong with providing these options, make sure that you have a healthier and more hydrating option available as well. Simple bottled water will do the trick. For something a little more fancy, consider making a pitcher of citrus water.

Bring the Healthy Food with You

If you are going to a barbecue at someone else’s house, you might not be able to control what kind of food they are serving. If this is the case, the healthy options might be limited. One way to make sure that there is something healthy that you can eat at the party is to bring a healthy dish. Offer to make a salad or a side dish to help out the host. You can be a good guest and stick to your diet by bringing something healthy.

These tips will help you have a healthy Memorial Day and they apply to any barbecue you might go to this summer. By making healthy choices little by little, you can reach your fitness goals. For more tips and tricks, feel free to contact our office.

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