If you are interested in getting fit, you might want to start pilates. Pilates is a great way to train your mind and your body. Here, you can learn more about pilates. This can help you determine if pilates is right for you.

One quality in training for this activity is its attention to details to the whole body in any exercise. We do not just focus on one body part at a time.

An exercise can start with a very simple movement, and builds upon itself. Depending on the individual, the simple beginning may be the goal to satisfy that client’s needs. Another person’s body will be asking for more. 


There are over 500 hundred pilates exercises, each with many modifications. That same exercise that started out as a simple movement, may be what a 92 year old with a fused spine can handle, and they’ll get a lot out of it, too. But the Olympic swimmer, once they have learned how to do that simple exercise, will be ready to take on the next detail in order to get the most possible out of that specific way to move. It’s amazing what you get out of any exercise movement one does. 

That the core is stabilized and getting stronger all throughout is very important. These under-used muscles support the core of your body. A pilates-trained body uses the core muscles when strengthening any other part of the body, the idea being that the whole body works together, not in separate parts.

So doing the ‘hundreds’ will start with your feet on the mat, and when completely advanced, will have the feet 2” off the ground, and there are close to 100 ways in between.

If you are interested in pilates, contact our gym. You can learn more about this type of activity and if it is right for you.

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