If you have your dream vacation planned, you probably can’t wait to get started. But, there is one part of the trip that you might not be looking forward to – a long plane ride. If you are traveling this summer and getting to your destination by plane, you might be stressed about that aspect of the trip. Long plane rides can be boring and uncomfortable. But, there are things that you can do to stay active and more comfortable while traveling by plane. Here are a few tips to make this aspect of the trip more enjoyable and stay healthy while flying.

In the Airport

Getting to and through the airport can be a really stressful experience. It can also lead to some bad habits when it comes to your health. Keep these tips in mind to get to your flight in the healthiest way possible.

  • Arrive to the airport early. To reduce stress, get to the airport with plenty of time to go through security and find your gate. If you don’t have to worry about making your flight, you can keep your stress levels down and start your vacation off on the right foot.
  • Make smart food choices. Many times, airports are full of fast food and unhealthy drinks. When you’re in the airport, you might be tempted to just find something to eat before you catch your plane. But, healthy options do exist in airports, and finding them will help to start your vacation off right. Stocking up on healthy snacks to eat on the plane can help as well.
  • Bring your own water bottle. When you go through security, you’ll have to dump out your water. But, having a water bottle with you will encourage you to stay hydrated both in the airport and on the plane. During times of travel and stress, staying hydrated can be the difference between getting sick and staying healthy. Bring a water bottle and fill it in the airport frequently.

Walking around the airport, especially with your bags, is a good way to stay active before sitting on a long flight. The fact that you have to do a lot of walking in the airport will provide some exercise before you get on the plane.

On the Plane

Whether you have a short or long flight, here are a few tips for staying healthy on the airplane.

  • Make smart drink choices. You can skip the sugary drinks and alcohol and stick with water. Don’t be afraid to ask for refills or use your own water bottle to make sure that you stay hydrated.
  • Move frequently. It can be difficult to move around on a plane, but simply getting up and standing every once in a while or walking around the plane can be helpful. Especially on a long flight, taking a lap around the plane every hour or stretching out your muscles can help you feel more comfortable.

These are just a few ways to start your vacation off right and enjoy your flight more. You can share your own travel tips with us on our Facebook page!

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