With the warm weather in full swing, you might feel interested in starting a healthy summer project. One fairly simple, inexpensive, and healthy option is starting your own herb garden. While vegetable gardens can be overwhelming and expensive, there are several easy and cheap options if you want to make your own herb garden. Growing your own herbs and adding them to your summer meals can add a bright, healthy note to your summer.

Why Cook with Herbs?

Many different recipes call for herbs, and if you want to cook more, having herbs on hand will save you time and money. One of the first ways that using herbs can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle is by adding flavor. Oftentimes, healthy foods are criticized for being bland and boring. I want to fry up that chicken and eat it with hot sauce, not grill it and eat it plain!

The good thing about herbs is that they add a lot of flavor and freshness to what you are cooking without adding a lot of calories or fat. You can make delicious dressings and marinades for your food with herbs. You can also add herbs as a finishing element to add flavor to your dishes. This will make eating healthy food more enjoyable, and will stop you from craving those mayo based sauces or other unhealthy dressings.

Herbs themselves are also healthy. Herbs have been used for medicinal purposes in the past. They are often packed with micronutrients such as various vitamins. Many herbs also help to reduce blood pressure, assist with indigestion, reduce joint pain, and more. While herbs certainly won’t cure all of your ailments, they can help promote a healthy lifestyle.

Garden Options

There are a lot of different herb garden options that you can choose from. One good thing about herbs is that they do not need a lot of room to grow. This means that you can have an indoor garden. If you live in a city or don’t have much yard space, using a windowsill in your house or apartment to grow your herbs can be a good alternative.

If you want to use an indoor garden, you can buy a pre made aerogarden or something similar. This will come with seeds, soil, and instructions. This is probably the easiest option for growing your herbs.

For a cheaper indoor option, you can plant the herbs yourself. You can buy seeds, soil, and small pots or mason jars to hold the herbs in at a local grocery store or online. Make sure that your plants have plenty of access to sunlight. Putting a saucer under the pot or allowing for water drainage is also a good idea. A common mistake that beginning gardeners make is drowning the plants in water. With some trial and error, you can start your herb garden with little space and resources.

If you want to have an outdoor herb garden, this will take a bit more planning and effort. You can find more information online.

Your Healthy Lifestyle

Cooking with more herbs is one way to promote a healthy lifestyle. Creating your own herb garden, big or small, can be a fun project. You can involve your friends and family as well! For more tips and information, contact our office!

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