Testimonial Tuesday!

BDx has provided me with a great program to improve my quality of life and meeting my fitness goal. I have already highly recommended them to several people. That should sum it up.

ChrisWhat brought you into BDx Fitness to start personal training?

I do not believe the other gyms were something I would stick with. After meeting with Rob and his explanation of how BDx works, I felt this is what I needed to help my motivation and discipline to keep coming back. Rob signed me up with Michele Krushinski.   I like the way she keeps you on track.  She is efficient and personable and the whole atmosphere in the gym is not intimidating. You do not feel like you are in a large box store type of gym. All the trainers are supportive, friendly and professional. I look forward to reaching my wellness and fitness goals here at BDx, which I do not think would be the case anywhere else. In addition, since BDx is in one of Bob Scinto’s buildings, I know it is a class act because he runs a first class operation.

What was your goal?

My goal was to lose weight and get in to a little better shape. I had a very active career in the fire service so exercise and weight was not much of a problem. However, my career resulted in some injuries that I have to live with. After retiring, my weight increased and my activity level was somewhat sedentary, the aches and pains were increasing I was embarrassed about my situation, especially since I knew better. I needed the discipline to meet these goals and not get hurt in the process. BDx and Michele have given me that. She puts a great emphasis on the details of the exercise workout, not how much weight you can throw around, resulting in better quality and intensity throughout the session.

How are you tracking success?

I measure my success by how I feel, how I sleep, how my clothes are fitting and how I am improving in the quality of the exercises. However, just as important is the feedback and support from Michele, my trainer, and my wife Jill.

What is your plan to stay on track?

By continuing to follow the direction that Michele provides. I am actually enjoying this especially since I am now seeing the results of the program.


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