Testimonial Tuesday!

I never thought in such a short time how my life and body can change. My family has adjusted to “Mom” having her hour a day and I feel great! By having Anthony as a trainer I am not only accountable to him but he is supportive and motivating. I remember when I met with him for my consultation and he said to me, “There are 168 hours in a week and how many of them do you take to exercise? 5 hour or 7 hours is not a lot of time over an entire week.” My answer was 1 hour because I had just enrolled in the group classes but if he had asked me in December I would have said zero. That really resonated with me. I have learned to make time for myself and love the time I spend in the gym. I feel my stress level is lower and I may even have more patience with my family. All of the trainers at BDx are motivating and made me feel comfortable Day 1.

Thank you Anthony, Michele and Rob!

ConnieWhat brought you into BDx Fitness to start personal training? 

January I signed up for a group class twice a week. I then signed up for my free consultation with Anthony. Keep in mind I have not had been in a gym for at least 15 years. At this time the class was a few weeks in and I was really enjoying it. I attended the consultation and listened to what Anthony had to say and show me. I knew to keep me motivated I would need to have something scheduled.

What was your goal?

My goal was to get in better shape so that I can be more active with my children (ages 8, 9) and set an example for them. I also wanted to do something for myself. Since I have had my family, I have found that like most of us we do everything for everyone and put ourselves last. I said to myself and my family, “It is a new year and it is now time for me!”

How are you tracking success?

I now go bike riding, hiking play basketball and other sports with my kids. I know it is working when they say, “Wow Mom, how did you make that shot” or “Slow Down”. Anthony also keeps me on track by checking my numbers monthly. Training on Mondays keeps me inline over the weekend. Having to go out and buy new clothes isn’t a bad way to track progress either!

How about nutrition?

I think about what I am eating and the calories that go along with it. I make trade offs so that I can still enjoy the things I like and am able to stay on track. I have also increased my water intake. It is amazing that by exercising and eating in moderation you can continue to see results!

What is your plan to stay on track?

My plan is to continue my weekly training with Anthony, take group classes twice a week at BDx Fitness, cardio and full body workouts. I will  also continue to track my daily activity as it holds me accountable. It is motivating to look at a month and see you only missed a handful of days at the gym.




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