Testimonial Tuesday!

Everyone at BDx is awesome, they really seem to get as excited for their clients as their clients do for themselves. It has become a community of support. Truly, my work with Anthony has been the key in making the transition from “planning” to do something to “doing it!! Thank you so much!!!

GloriaWhat brought you into BDx Fitness to start personal training? 

I’m a nurse with more than 35 years of clinical experience. As with so many others, intellectually I “knew” what I needed to do to take better care of myself, but motivationally, I could not make it happen. Getting tired of bringing my work out clothes with me every Monday and returning them to my home every Friday, totally untouched, I knew I needed a different approach. In my professional life, partnering with others in their attempt to reach their goals has been an effective strategy. I needed a partner. I called Bio-Dynamix to get information and from my very first interaction with Anthony, I knew I had found “my partner”. My hesitation and insecurity was met with his enthusiasm and confidence.

What was your goal?

The first session centered around my goals. My primary goal was to “feel better” about myself, have more energy and make healthier choices. My  daughter is getting married in September and I wanted to look and feel my best.  Anthony’s genuine belief that we could accomplish this, was contagious. Anthony incorporated my goals into a fitness plan and became the coach I needed to begin to accomplish these goals.

How are you tracking success?

Success is subjective! When I feel good, have energy, like how my clothes are fitting and feel healthier, I believe I am on the “right track”! I am also incorporating some of the traditional avenues. Logging food intake vs activity each day has been helpful. Yes, I look for the pounds to decrease but I really try not to make this my focus. For me, success is more about making changes in my life that reflect taking better care of myself!

How about nutrition?

I’ve recently added a nutritional component and through Anthony’s recommendations, have begun using the web based dotfit program. There, I have found healthy suggestions, a way to track my progress and a guide for making better choices. This is an area that is and will be a “work in progress!” Yes, I’ve lost weight and added muscle tone as a result of my work with Anthony and the Bio-Dynamix approach. But more importantly, I feel great!

What is your plan to stay on track?

Knowing I was at risk for starting and stopping this fitness plan, as I had so many other times, I made a commitment financially and with my time to create a long term plan. Being accountable to another is making the difference. I had been making a “plan” to go to the gym before, but talked myself out of it at the end of the work day because I was “tired”. Having regular appointments and a plan and person that encourages and truly cares about helping me reach my goals has made all the difference. During sessions, Anthony pushes me because he believes I can do it. Between appointments, I sometimes get an email applauding the good work that was done. It’s called “personal” training and Anthony makes it just that. I have been working with Anthony for about 2 months and have recently made another 3 month commitment.  Continuing to work with a partner is my plan for future success. I know myself enough to know I need that person to help continue to motivate me, challenge my limits and genuinely applaud my success.



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