Testimonial Tuesday!

BDx Fitness is a great place. It’s a private where you can enjoy your experience and not have to deal with the typical gym crowd. They have taught me the truth about exercise and nutrition. It’s unbelievable all the things I thought I had to do to reach my goal. With Good nutrition and the right exercise plan it can actually be fun.

JamesWhat brought you into BDx Fitness?

I wanted to lose weight. I had always been a little heavier since high school and I was done with it. I was ready to make that change. I wanted to feel better physically and mentally and to have more energy.

How are you tracking success?

Rob is really good about keeping me on track. We track all my workouts. I can see the progression in all of them. We also use a calendar to make sure that I keep my word to the workouts that I committed too. Rob will weigh me, check my body fat and do circumference measurements every month.

How about nutrition?

Rob’s favorite saying is abs are made in the kitchen. It’s really true!!! You can work out all you want but if your food is not on point, you will only see minimal results. Rob was great about teaching me how to track calories. With his help I lost 100 pounds!!

What is your plan to stay on track?

I plan to continue working with Rob and stay committed to my goal. It’s easy to fall off track, so it’s much better if there is someone keeping you on course.



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