Testimonial Tuesday!

Since I began training with Anthony at BDx Fitness in May, I have had noticeable success.   I’ve gained strength and muscle definition I never had before and my weight is within a couple of pounds of my goal.  In addition, I have lost significant body fat that I never did when losing weight before.  I attribute that mainly to adding weight training into my exercise routine.

Although I have exercised all of my adult life, I never tried weight training until coming to BDx Fitness. Anthony has taught me a lot about using the equipment and the importance of consistent training and maintaining a clean diet.

In addition, I feel better, have more energy and actually like challenging myself to do better.

Liz MWhat brought you into BDx Fitness to start personal training? 

I wanted to lose some weight gained over the last few years, especially newly acquired belly fat.  So, I decided to increase my exercise routine by joining a gym.  I was unfamiliar with weight training having mainly exercised at various classes.   I was also inspired by a friend and co-worker who lost 20 pounds training with Rob at BDx Fitness.

What was your goal?

My goal was to lose between 10 and 15 pound, to lose belly fat and gain some muscle definition.

How are you tracking success?

I am logging my exercise with the logs provide d by Anthony. Occasionally, I use the “Lose It” app to record my food intake and exercise for the day. That really is helpful in showing how many calories have been consumed and how much I can eat before reaching my daily limit.

How about nutrition?

I have cut back on sweets, breads, pasta, beef and processed foods.  I’ve increased my water intake as well as eating more fresh fruits and vegetables.   When shopping, I compare labels to find the lowest percentages of fat,        sodium, sugar and calories.

Finally, I try to limit “cheat days” to once a week and/or on special occasions only

What is your plan to stay on track?

I am continuing my weight training sessions with Anthony once a week and an additional 3 times a week on my own.   I also take aerobic, toning and yoga classes at my local gym 4 times a week and walk on the weekends.  I will increase my use of the app to log my food intake and exercise to stay on track.



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