Testimonial Tuesday!

Working out with Michele helped me build muscle strength and energy levels. My knee and shoulder issues have improved! I am now convinced that exercise and diet is the key to overall mental and physical well being. She has great knowledge of the body’s muscles and how they function. She is attentive and concentrates on form. Most importantly she has instilled a sense of well-being in me through exercise and for that I am thankful!

PatriciaWhat brought you into BDx Fitness to start personal training?

A need to improve my physical strength and improve my cardiovascular endurance. I had a shoulder injury. Michele believed she could help me with these issues.

What was your goal?

My goal was to build muscle and cardio fitness in order to increase energy levels and strengthen my shoulder and knee. I also wanted to develop exercise as a regular part of my life.

How are you tracking success?

I log my workouts and change routines. I weigh myself regularly.

How about nutrition?

I make a conscious effort to consume veggies and protein. I’m aware of the addictive ability of sugar and work at keeping sweets under control. I also read labels.

What is your plan to stay on track?

Psychologically program my brain to remember how good it feels wit h less weight and more strength and energy. Make my workout  a priority. Continue with awareness and education.



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