Testimonial Tuesday!

BDx Fitness is a unique gym in Shelton. This is the place to join if you are serious about your goals and want the individual attention that no one else is really capable of delivering. From the moment you step into BDx Fitness you feel comfortable to talk about what your goals are and you receive the best a personal trainer can offer! Michele and all of the staff are wonderful and fantastic at their skill. The proof is the personal results that all their clients witness!


What brought you into BDx Fitness to start personal training?

I was looking for a local gym that would provide me with the personal attention I needed to accomplish my goals and help me stick with a plan.  After some research online I came across BDx Fitness’ website and decided to book my first personal training session with Michele.

What was your goal?

My main goal was to find an exercise regime that I would stick to and not give up on after 3 weeks (which was common with me).  In addition to finding a plan I enjoyed I wanted to tone up areas that I was not pleased with as I am approaching the age of 40!

How are you tracking success?

The mere fact that I am still attending is a success in itself! In addition, Michele keeps track of all my sessions in a binder and looking back I can see how I have progressed.

How about nutrition?

Michele and I have discussions on nutrition and she has enlightened me on many aspects of what I eat.

What is your plan to stay on track?

Keep attending my weekly appointments with Michele! Gain the confidence to eventually start adding days to my work out program.


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