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Incredible stories of real client success.


“Working out with Michele helped me build muscle strength and energy levels. My knee and shoulder issues have improved!”

I am now convinced that exercise and diet is the key to overall mental and physical well being. She has great knowledge of the body’s muscles and how they function. She is attentive and concentrates on form. Most importantly she has instilled a sense of well-being in me through exercise and for that I am thankful!

Patricia Todisco

BDx Training Client

“From the moment you step into BDx Fitness you feel comfortable to talk about what your goals are and you receive the best a personal trainer can offer!”

BDx Fitness is a unique gym in Shelton. This is the place to join if you are serious about your goals and want the individual attention that no one else is really capable of delivering. Michele and all of the staff are wonderful and fantastic at their skill. The proof is the personal results that all their clients witness!

Peggy Manalis

BDx Training Client

“BDx has provided me with a great program to improve my quality of life and meeting my fitness goal. I have already highly recommended them to several people. That should sum it up.”

I do not believe the other gyms were something I would stick with. After meeting with Rob and his explanation of how BDx works, I felt this is what I needed to help my motivation and discipline to keep coming back. I like the way Michele keeps you on track.  She is efficient and personable and the whole atmosphere in the gym is not intimidating.

Chris Ackley

BDx Training Client

“I’ve never been one to work with a trainer but as one of my 2014 new years’ resolutions was to “get in the best shape of my life” – I knew I needed to do something different.”

Michele Krushinski is professional, supportive and encouraging. Over time, as I’ve gained strength and confidence, Michele continues to challenge me, keeping it fresh and fun. If you have any limitations, she’s awesome at accommodating with an alternative or a modification for the exercise. With the combo of the private sessions, nutritional guidance, and working out on my own, I am truly pleased with my progress and the results I’m achieving.

Joyce Fox

BDx Training Client

“BDx Fitness is a great place. It’s a private gym where you can enjoy your experience and not have to deal with the typical gym crowd. They have taught me the truth about exercise and nutrition. It’s unbelievable all the things I thought I had to do to reach my goal. With good nutrition and the right exercise plan it can actually be fun.”

James McGinn

BDx Training Client

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