Summer is a great opportunity to get outdoors and get active. It is also a great time to take advantage of unique food experiences. Of course there are many healthy and delicious summer recipes that you can test out this summer. But, there are also ways that you can engage with healthy food over this summer. These healthy food activities can help you and your loved ones understand healthy foods and enjoy them. This can contribute to a healthier diet this summer.

Plant a Garden

To teach your loved ones the value of food, and to learn more about it yourself, consider planting a garden in your yard. You can make a garden as simple or as complex as you want. You can just start out with a few herbs, or you can also incorporate fruits and vegetables in your garden. There are many benefits to growing your own food. First, it can be cheaper in the long run than buying fancy organic fruits and vegetables at the store. You will also be able to control how you grow the food. In many cases, home-grown fruits and vegetables are juicier and fresher than store bought produce. Growing this food will also ensure that you have healthy food on hand that you can snack on and cook with. Growing your own food can give you and your family a sense of accomplishment and an appreciation for food.

Go to Farmer’s Markets

If the idea of planting a garden is overwhelming to you, consider getting produce from farmer’s markets instead. You can support local businesses and get great quality food at farmer’s markets. At farmer’s markets, you will also find a community of people who are passionate about healthy food. You can connect with these people, share recipes, and find a support system if you are trying to stick to a healthier diet.

Visit Food Festivals

Similar to farmer’s markets, many areas have food festivals where you can learn more about food and buy local foods. Food festivals have a lot of different events related to food. There are oftentimes events such as:

  • Book signings by chefs or food authors.
  • Workshops and cooking demos to teach people how to cook.
  • Food samples.
  • Foods available for purchase.
  • Items available for purchase from local vendors.
  • Dining packages.
  • Mixology seminars.

Food festivals – whether small, local ones, or larger ones in nearby cities – are a great way to connect with other people who are passionate about food. You can learn a lot about cooking and staying healthy by attending food festivals.

Go Fruit Picking

Summer is the time for delicious berries. In Connecticut, there are many farms that allow you to go berry picking with your friends and family. If planting a garden is too much of a commitment for you, going strawberry or blueberry picking one day might be a good alternative. This is a good family activity. You can spend the day together picking your own berries. When you get home, you can cook with these berries together. It can be rewarding to cook with foods that you have picked yourself. And of course, berries and other fruits are healthy foods that you can enjoy this summer.

These are a few ways that you can deepen your connection to healthy foods this summer. For more information on summer recipes, check the blog next week!

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