Summer is finally in full swing, graduation has come and gone, and the graduation parties have slowed down. For many recent college graduates, the whirlwind of celebration has died down, and the real world is sinking in. Some feel that this is an exciting time. For others, it can be terrifying. After spending your whole life in school, working full time as a student, facing a 9-5 jobs, student loans, and bills can seem daunting. It is easy to fall into unhealthy patterns at this time or continue unhealthy activities from college. But, to make the most of this transition and reduce those post-graduation woes, you should follow these tips for a healthier lifestyle.

What Worked in College Doesn’t Work Anymore

The sooner that you realize that your college lifestyle won’t work now that you have graduated, the better. Of course everyone is different in college, but many college kids practice poor nutrition, erratic sleep patterns, and binge drinking. Sleeping in until noon, going to class for two hours, ordering Dominos and watching Netflix until 2am with a six pack of beer is not going to cut it anymore! Even if you are initially unemployed after you graduate, this lifestyle is not sustainable. Now is the time to get rid of these unhealthy habits and replace them with a solid routine.

Why do you need a routine? Humans thrive on consistency. Of course there is room for a happy hour with your coworkers or a spontaneous night out with your friends, but sticking to a general, healthy routine will help you feel happier as you transition into adulthood.

Healthy Emotional Routines

One aspect of college life that many people miss is the convenience of having friends around you at all times. When you are in college, you live in the same dorm or apartment with many of your friends. And the ones that you don’t actually live with only live five or 10 minutes away. It can be difficult to suddenly live hundreds or thousands of miles away from these people. After college you should maintain a healthy social life. Consider these tips for staying in touch with old friends:

  • Start a group chat with friends from college. The great thing about group chats is that you can have a conversation with as many people as you want. You can post in the group chat to keep your college friends involved in your life and plan reunions.
  • Keep in touch one-on-one. Make an effort to talk to a different friend once a week. You can call, text, or skype to catch up.

In addition, you need to establish a healthy social group wherever you live. If you moved back home, try to reconnect with some friends from high school. If you moved for work, make an effort to get to know your coworkers. Go out to a happy hour or suggest other fun things to do. You can also make new friends based on your interests. If you’re an active person, join a sports league. If you enjoy cooking, take cooking classes. You’ll find people who share your interests and start a new social group.

Healthy Intellectual Routines

Just because you are out of college doesn’t mean that you should stop challenging yourself and learning new things. Having hobbies outside of work will keep life interesting and give you something to look forward to. Consider:

  • Taking a class to learn a new skill.
  • Reading for pleasure.
  • Listening to audiobooks or podcasts in the car.
  • Traveling.
  • Keeping in touch with friends by starting a movie club or a book club. This can be done virtually or in person.

The bottom line is to find something that you are passionate about and learn more about it.

Healthy Physical Routines

Staying in shape can have a tremendous impact on your well being and your mood. Here are a few ways that you can promote a healthy lifestyle:

  • Learn how to cook and watch what you eat. Cooking can be a rewarding hobby and it can help you to eat healthier. Make an effort to eat more fruits and vegetables and eat less fast food.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Reduce the amount of alcohol that you drink.
  • Get enough sleep.
  • Exercise regularly. You can accomplish this in many ways. One good way is starting a gym membership. If you recently started a job in Corporate Park, you have access to our gym for a one time $10 signup fee. Come in to see us today and learn more about our gym and our philosophy on fitness.

As you can see, there are a lot of little things that you can do to promote a healthy lifestyle in adulthood. It can be difficult transitioning from college life to adulthood, but these tips can help! For more information, please contact us!


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