At BDx Fitness, everything we do from top to bottom is of the highest quality to ensure we’re equipped to help you reach your goals of a healthy and fit lifestyle.

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chris-ackley“BDx has provided me with a great program to improve my quality of life and meeting my fitness goal. I have already highly recommended them to several people. That should sum it up.”
– Chris Ackley

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patricia-t“Working out with Michele helped me build muscle strength and energy levels. My knee and shoulder issues have improved! I am now convinced that exercise and diet is the key to overall mental and physical well being.
– Patricia Todisco

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connie-beaupre“I never thought in such a short time how my life and body can change. My family has adjusted to “Mom” having her hour a day and I feel great! By having a trainer I am not only accountable to him but he is supportive and motivating”
– Connie Beaupre

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peggy-m“This is the place to join if you are serious about your goals and want the individual attention that no one else is really capable of delivering. From the moment you step into BDx Fitness you feel comfortable to talk about what your goals are and you receive the best a personal trainer can offer!”
– Peggy Manalis

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Robert Rodriquez
Robert RodriquezPersonal Trainer & Managing Partner
I have been with BDx since 2006 and have been in the training field since 2005. I am a certified Resistance Training Specialist (RTS), which is the most advanced biomechanics certification in the country and am in the process of completing my master’s level this summer.
Lou Dechello
Lou DechelloPersonal Trainer
I am a certified personal trainer under the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). I am currently working toward obtaining my Resistance Training Specialist (RTS) certification. Together we can reach any attainable goal you are willing and ready to accomplish.
Michele Krushinski
Michele KrushinskiPersonal Trainer
I became a trainer in order to bring my passion and experience for whole health & experiences with chronic pain to clients, ages 16 to 93, starting with strengthening their bodies and helping them feel empowered. My goal is to help you feel better and stronger in order to get through everyday life with less aches and pains.
Bill Curran
Bill CurranPersonal Trainer
I have been interested in physical fitness and training people for over 20 years. I have worked with both athletes and non-athletes, of all ages to attain their fitness goals and am here to motivate and encourage those who may not believe physical fitness is attainable. Physical fitness IS attainable and together we can meet and exceed our expectations.




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